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I left for Tanzania on Monday night. I have missed out on a lot of Canucks related stories! We arrived in Dar Es Salaam on Wednesday morning, the Canucks game was just going into over time when we touched down. We were sitting in traffic on a dirt road when someone got a text that said Burrows scored in over time. I yelled and screamed and very appropriately saw some goats on the side of the road (amongst other animals). Even though round 2 has already started I am still just so happy that the Canucks beat Chicago. Scoring in over time never gets old. Kind of like buying a goat. It is great to see the goat-o-meter rising! If you’re like me, you were a little shaken up after the game 6 loss to Chicago. Now that the Canucks have moved on past the Hawks it’s time to get into the full swing of goat buying.

WOW!Someone emailed and asked what’s so good about a goat. A reasonable question. On top of being beautiful animals, goats can provide milk to families who receive one. Also, not only do goats and playoff goatees, like the one Dan Hamhuis has, go well together, but a goat can be a life-changing addition to a family in need. Goats are great animals for poor farmers. They’re easy to care for and will eat almost anything. They can be kept in a small yard, and are strong and hardy. In addition, goats breed after just a few years, providing additional goats for the family and community. Needless to say I’m going to start filming all of this stuff. I’m thinking over some options for a camera for youtube but if you have any suggestions a comment would be much appreciated.
Goats also provide the family with a number of benefits. Baby and adult goats can be sold for income, the meat can be eaten, and the milk can be a nutritious source of calcium and protein for the family. The bottom line is: Goats are great.

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