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The Goat Process

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I wrote what I thought was going to be a farewell post a little while ago. I thanked everybody who helped make this a huge success and gave what I thought was going to be the final goat talley. After writing the entry, I expected goat purchases and t-shirt sales to stop. They didn’t. As of this morning we are at 859 goats! Or $21,475 of goats. I was curious what $21,475 can get someone here in Canada so I did some research…

For the amount of money we all raised, we could have purchased a brand new 2009 Mazda 6. I don’t know much about cars, but I think any model with the current year in it’s name is good. For someone who has never owned a car that was made any later than 1991, I would think it must be a nice car. Kindly a friend of ours who helped to raise awareness for this so thanks goes out to them. As mentioned lower, the Terry Fox Run is also something that was possible, and more information can be found for the best running shoes for men on Swift Runners. It has different articles on injury prevention as as well running shoe performance, so check it out!

We also could have come together and purchased 429,500 fuzzy peaches from the corner store. I sure love those fuzzy peaches.

After browsing on ebay, I found an electric guitar that was autographed by “all 15 members of the Rolling Stones” for only $19,000. Was anybody else aware that there were 15 members in the Rolling Stones? That’s alot of stones.

Or we could have bought 8 seasons tickets to Canucks games in the lower bowl. This is the one that really put into perspective how much we have raised! Our fundraiser is very similar to the Terry Fox run which helps with Cancer research. Running is great way to exercise as well as raise awareness for a cause.

After looking at some of the items we could have purchased with the amount of money we raised for goats, it really made me thankful for every single donation and goat that has been given. There have almost been as much goats purchased since the Canucks were eliminated then when they were in the playoffs.