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The Goat Process

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I wrote what I thought was going to be a farewell post a little while ago. I thanked everybody who helped make this a huge success and gave what I thought was going to be the final goat talley. After writing the entry, I expected goat purchases and t-shirt sales to stop. They didn’t. As of this morning we are at 859 goats! Or $21,475 of goats. I was curious what $21,475 can get someone here in Canada so I did some research…

For the amount of money we all raised, we could have purchased a brand new 2009 Mazda 6. I don’t know much about cars, but I think any model with the current year in it’s name is good. For someone who has never owned a car that was made any later than 1991, I would think it must be a nice car. Kindly a friend of ours at swiftrunners.com we kind enough to help raise awareness for this so thanks goes out to them

We also could have come together and purchased 429,500 fuzzy peaches from the corner store. I sure love those fuzzy peaches.

After browsing on ebay, I found an electric guitar that was autographed by “all 15 members of the Rolling Stones” for only $19,000. Was anybody else aware that there were 15 members in the Rolling Stones? That’s alot of stones.

Or we could have bought 8 seasons tickets to Canucks games in the lower bowl. This is the one that really put into perspective how much we have raised!

After looking at some of the items we could have purchased with the amount of money we raised for goats, it really made me thankful for every single donation and goat that has been given. There have almost been as much goats purchased since the Canucks were eliminated then when they were in the playoffs.

Thank You!

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I hope everyone is feeling a little better today after watching the Canucks get eliminated from the playoffs last night. I am still down in the dumps and am already tweaking the Canucks roster for next season. If we can talk Gretzky out of this whole “coaching” thing and add him to the line up we will be in good shape. Combine Gretzky’s offence with a new 4 or 5 year contract we give to Bobby Orr on defence and I really like our chances.

I woke up this morning and thought about all the excitement that has happened over the past month. Between the Canucks playoff run and the goats it has been very fun. Although it only happened 6 times, it was a very special feeling each time the Canucks won a playoff game. Goats were flying left, right and centre and it felt like everybody in the city was happy. Riding on the SkyTrain or the city bus, all people were talking about were the Canucks. Everybody was everybody’s friend. Christmas is pretty good as far as “times of year” go, but aren’t the playoffs fantastic?

As a lifelong Canucks fan, I have become very familiar with comforting sayings such as, “Maybe next year” and, “Well at least…” The truth is I think every year is “our year,” but until this year I have never believed the “Well at least…” part. This year it is different. This year we can all say that at least we changed people’s lives. It may not have been the Canucks year, but it is going to be a lot of other people’s year.

Maybe it is the fact that denial is step one of the grieving process, but I woke up this morning to lots of emails from people saying that they are still buying goats. More people even purchased goat shirts this morning. Who are we kidding, the goat shirts are fashionable all year round, but it was encouraging to see that so many people are still buying goats. Hopefully Goat Canucks Goat will help make buying a goat just as trendy as wearing a chic goat shirt.

While it is encouraging to see that so many of you are still buying goats, it is not surprising anymore. When I first started the Goat Canucks Goat facebook group the goal was to buy 16 goats. When I saw that the facebook group had over 50 members in it, I could not believe it. Then it just kept growing (unlike my patchy beard). Then Darrell from www.1981.ca emailed me and told me he wants to buy a goat and make a website and things really took off. When we set the goat-o-meter to 100 we thought it was going to take a deep run in the playoffs by the Canucks if we wanted to reach the 100 goat mark. After we reached 100 goats, the goat-o-meter exploded and goats came spilling out the top. We then thought we would set the new goat-o-meter to 500 just for fun. We would have been happy to get half of that. This morning we are at 584 goats. That’s $14,600 worth of goats! No kidding! (Get it? Baby goats are called “kids.” Very funny goat joke) People are also deciding to donate more than goats. A group of seniors in New Westminster also informed me that they have decided to get together and dig a well for a refugee camp. I should make that a little clearer. Don’t worry, the group of seniors will not be doing the actual digging of the well. That is done through CRWRC. The generosity and encouragement from people has been overwhelming. We had people visit the web site from 72 countries around the world and covered every continent. Even Antarctica! Unbelievable.

I would like to say thank you to everybody who came to the web site. You have no idea how much fun it has been to read all the comments and emails from people. Except for that Chicago fan who emailed me and called Luongo a goat. Don’t worry – he was locked and banned from the web site immediately. Thank you to all of you who purchased a goat. The goats have such a great impact on people’s lives. Thank you to the media who helped give Goat Canucks Goat exposure and in turn helped more goats be purchased. It was very fun to do radio and TV interviews. Who knows, maybe a scout saw my sweet hockey moves on the news and will contact me for a tryout now! Or maybe an agent saw how cool I look with a patchy beard and will ask me to star in some movie! But probably not. Darrell Koopmans from www.1981.ca made this amazing web site and put in oodles of work for Goat Canucks Goat free of charge. He deserves a lot of credit as he is the creator of the goat-o-meter! The web site is amazing. Thank you to Matthew Beimers also put in many hours of work for Goat Canucks Goat and handled the goat shirts.

Thank you to my beautiful fiancee Jennifer, who despite my enormous beard has still kissed me, supported me and been patient with how much time I have committed to Goat Canucks Goat.

Thank you also to the Vancouver Canucks without whom this never would have happened. It has been fun cheering the team on and I am already excited about next season. Next year is definitely our year.

While it has been easy for us to buy our goats, CRWRC are the ones who are doing and will do all the work involved with making sure needy people actually get their real, live goat. Thank you very much to Kristen VanderBerg, Rebecca Combs, Christina de Jong and Ida Kaastra Mutoigo. They have put in many hour of work for Goat Canucks Goat and will continue the great job they are doing at CRWRC. For more information about CRWRC, or to donate things other than goats, you can visit their web site at http://www.crwrc.org/pages/crwrc.cfm

Due to the amount of fun and excitement we all had because of Goat Canucks Goat, it would be very fun to make it an annual event. I have no idea where we go from here, but so far it has been amazing. For now we will leave the web site up and continue to post updates.

For those of us who are still feeling down about the Canucks loss, I will leave you with this.

Fin the Whale – The Canucks Mascot

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Cetaceans do seem to be able to taste. In conclusion, they have adapted to live in a completely alien world compared to ours. As a result, they have evolved to have a very large pupil that can open wide to allow a large amount of light in at great depths.

The Sperm whale is additionally the 2nd largest living creature on the planet today. Gray whales fall into the former category. A female whale sexually matures between age 6 to 12 decades, and then reproduces every 2-3 years. Toothed whales don’t have this ear plug. In spite of this truth, false killer whales don’t appear to be abundant in any portion of their range.

Angel sharks comprise the sharks within this order. A whale has to be capable of seeing in both situations. Blue whales aren’t harmed by any living species aside from humans. Blue whales despite their gigantic dimensions and strong tails are harmless creatures.

Whale sharks are extremely big in dimension. Whales are among the most mysterious and lovely mammals of the sea. The main reason baleen whales are such loud calls isn’t clear. however, it is thought to be a kind of long distance communication with different members of its species. Surely, you’ve guessed that these types of whales aren’t friendly. The usual minke whales are located in virtually all oceans, particularly in the latitude variety of 65S to 80N. In Antarctica, orcas are grouped into four key types.

What lots of people don’t understand is that barnacles aren’t actually parasites whatsoever. Barnacles are regarded as the most popular external parasite to plague whales. It really is made from keratin that’s the same protein which makes up our hair and nails. The whole pod will attack a major prey. It’s for this characteristic they’re called `rorquals’. It is possible this is among the root of strandings by whales and dolphins.

I forty days, God will destroy the city!” It is absolutely intriguing and enjoyable to learn about these remarkable creatures and increase our knowledge about them. The best thing of these enormous creatures of the marine is they love to travel! It’s likewise the loudest animal on earth. It’s tied for being the 2nd biggest animal on the planet with the sperm whale. He was sleeping in the manner of a baby. Hence, nursing and attention is done effectively.

The calves nurse for a calendar year, but it might extend up to two decades. They often seem to be playing. These disgusting individuals will use ever trick below the sun in order to continue to slaughter hundreds of whales each year. Would you, you couldn’t compress him” (348). The exhibited an unbelievable amount of intelligence since they worked through the problem for a team. The passed on information might include hunting abilities and vocalizations. This is particularly helpful in places where visibility is poor.

Baleen is among the principal reasons that lots of millions of whales are killed. Plankton can be little plants or very small animals. Additionally, it isn’t known how a number of these squids still continue being alive today. The Mediterranean Sea is also famous for its distinctive ecosystem and elevated levels of endemism. Having the capability to see underwater takes an exceptional lens form. It’s an ordinary depth of 1,500 meters. However, in spite of its large dimensions, it is wholly harmless.

Vancouver Canucks

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The individual record for the majority of goals by a player in one season was set. So what the true total number is from all download websites on the world wide web, I can’t imagine. There are a lot of different website offering completely free fantasy hockey.

Among the most popular team sports in the USA is football. Hockey scouting and hockey recruiting sites, if executed the proper way, can revolutionize along with complement the present hockey scouting model. Soccer is world’s most renowned sport and is mainly believed to be invented by British. Actually, throughout the whole 1976 Stanley Cup playoffs, just one team was upset. Visiting teams are really motivated to win while they are not at their house arena. Great teams can achieve that.

The game in fact was played in various styles throughout civilized history. Hockey players have specific skills they will need to develop to be able to become much better players. Whether it’s a cheap 1gb mp3 player or only some type of other type, you need to make sure you get something which will have sufficient storage room for those songs you will wish to download to it.

Some might even say they’ve overachieved. It turned out to be a fantastic and emotional experienced I will never forget. There are a number of things to consider so you can be certain that you’re getting something which will do you well. It’s always a great notion to control how folks enter your premises. Completing the event or completing the course in a certain time limit is a huge goal for individuals to achieve and can supply a wonderful awareness of accomplishment. Boston no doubt has an identical atmosphere. It is genuinely a shame for you.

As a way to keep your house safe from burglars, you should fully grasp how a burglar’s mind works. Keep it clean and well maintained. If you get a new house or aren’t certain with a key to your house, re-key your locks.

As a way to secure complete advantage of inexpensive loans one ought to deal with factors like rate of interest, number of installments etc.. There are a number of benefits for the residence group, however, so having this advantage during all playoff series ought to be somewhat valuable for the Vancouver Canucks. Of course an installation cost and additional monthly charges can be anticipated, however when you think about the additional security, it’s cheap insurance. The more complicated The interest rate the more burdensome it is going to be. You must be knowledgeable in regards to the steps that you can take to help make certain you are entitled to the lowest cheap auto insurance rates possible.

For some time, there weren’t any interested buyers. First time home owners aren’t the only folks breaking into the housing industry. Additionally, you must understand how to track down the companies which offer inexpensive car insurance and compare available prices. Break and enters are critical company and we as home owners want to manage the situation in a significant manor. It’s because our complete economy has gotten so competitive. Due to this geographic fact, ocean trade is a rather crucial industry. Following this thriving regular season, six Giants were voted in the Pro-Bowl.